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The Ultimate Retail Automation Solution

Bridging your D2C brand's on-and offline sales through retail automation

In a nutshell

OgmentO enhances your retail brand's omnichannel experience through retail automation. Our state-of-the-art smart vending machines and retail automation solutions help you leverage consumer insights to satisfy your end-consumer, when and where they need you the most. OgmentO's automated retail solutions make your brand stand out from the crowd - quite literally.

The Ultimate Retail Automation Solution

Make your customers even happier


Open 24/7

Ever thought about all the missed sales due to closing times?


Fast & convenient purchases

The ease of purchasing online, but without having to wait for the delivery guy. OgmentO also enables online orders and immediate pick-ups at a smart vending machine near you.


Seamless & secure payments

Mobile payments, card payments or QR payments. We don’t discriminate and neither should you.


Recurring customers through customer personalization

Turn floating customers into loyal fans through the targeted personalised offerings. OgmentO seamlessly integrates your online loyalty programs.


Product accessibility in high traffic areas

Airports, train stations, universities: be in front of your customers, whenever they look for you wherever they look for you.


Improved customer journeys through augmented reality

OgmentO enable your customers to virtually try, your products. Set your brand apart while bringing joy to your customers.


The pleasant UI makes for an easy and fun experience

Offer a unique experience to your customers, regardless of what you sell.

Enable your brand to excel

The Ultimate Retail Automation Solution

Consistent omnichannel experience

OgmentO improves your customer experiences by providing more channels for customer purchases. Our automated retail solutions enable your brand to offer the same personalized brand experience across channels, and across customer touch points.

Real-time reports

on consumer insights and sales analytics

Monitor and improve

inventory management

Deeper customer insights

Understand purchase behaviors within target group segments and adjust product catalogues accordingly


With OgmentO, your brand suddenly has physical presence in locations you always wanted to be, but never could be.

Brand presence in high traffic areas

Run your ad campaigns on our 43 inch screens. Our hardware is fully customizable to your liking. That’s extra brand exposure in high traffic areas.


OgmentO’s software dashboard

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OgmentO’s hardware offerings

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Creating an impact









Being where your customers are, is always the only place to be


International deployment of smart vending machines for a direct selling client

Amg machine Read the case study

Some frequently asked questions

What makes OgmentO stand out from other smart vending brands?

  • We cater to retailers outside the F&B industry
  • 43 inch screens - the biggest in the market
  • Multi dispensing: All products ordered are dispensed at once. Reduces waiting time and customer back pains :)
  • A global brand, with a local mindset
  • We enable customer personalization. Think of loyalty programs and on-screen features like 'Recommended to you', 'Your friends bought this'.

What is the added value of a smart vending machine to my business?

What is the business model?

How do we start a project with OgmentO?

How do we get the machines set up?

How many machines can we place?

What type of products can we vend through the machines?

Does OgmentO only sell smart vending machines?

The Ultimate Retail Automation Solution

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