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Personalised Shopping Experiences

Leverage customer data to create personalised shopping experiences with our smart vending software. Recommend products, suggest upsells and cross-sells, and reward loyalty - all through our smart vending machines.

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Personalised Shopping Experiences

Gamified Shopping & Data Collection

Excite customers with interactive brand-associated games through our smart vending machines. OgmentO enables cost-effective sample distributions of your latest releases in exchange for data collection. Collect valuable customer data to personalise their experience and refine your offerings.

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Gamified Shopping & Data Collection

Data collection/surveys

Customer insights

Engage with your customers and collect valuable customer insights in high footfall areas. Our retail automation solutions facilitate surveys and feedback on products and brand experiences, helping your brand improve constantly.

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Customer insights

Sample distribution in exchange for social media smiles

Some frequently asked questions

What makes OgmentO stand out from other smart vending brands?

  • We cater to retailers outside the F&B industry
  • 43 inch screens - the biggest in the market
  • Multi dispensing: All products ordered are dispensed at once. Reduces waiting time and customer back pains :)
  • A global brand, with a local mindset
  • We enable customer personalization. Think of loyalty programs and on-screen features like 'Recommended to you', 'Your friends bought this'.

What is the added value of a smart vending machine to my business?

What is the business model?

How do we start a project with OgmentO?

How do we get the machines set up?

How many machines can we place?

What type of products can we vend through the machines?

Does OgmentO only sell smart vending machines?

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