OgmentO tech

actionable data, very user-friendly

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Multilingual on-screen content

Caters to a diverse customer base. Users can easily navigate and understand the content in their preferred language.

QR code based
customer journey

for contactless experiences

Payments Methods

Supported by all
payment modes

Including Country Specific Digital Payments

For your brand

Full remote control of the automated store

Accurate and real time stock management


Planogram customizations & replenishments


Real time monitoring

Keep your customers engaged

Keep your customers engaged

Software agnostic


Built-in point of sales platform


Customizable sales business intelligence dashboard

Track the critical business KPI's in a glance, monitor sales, orders, customer data & product analysis.

Machine diagnostics

View and analyze machine uptime and operation report.

Catalogue customizations

New products to sell in your OgmentO?

Conveniently adjust product catalogue display on-screen with just a few clicks in your dashboard. Easily update product details and discounts remotely.

Dispensing unit configuration


Smart digital sinage

The Ultimate Retail Automation Solution

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Discover how retail automation can benefit your D2C brand! Actionable tips and examples inside.
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